Thank goodness for humans 🎭

Good news! The long awaited Octavia of Earth Volume 2 EP is juuuust about ready for release! We've got a few t's to cross and lowercase j's to dot, but we've reached another milestone in this journey: an album cover!! We're so grateful to graphic designer Matt Applin III for his absolute wizardry in translating the concept for the cover into brilliant visual language. We'll reveal the artwork and track listing next week! In the meantime, read on for some fun updates.


Humans & Machines 

We've been learning more about the good, bad, and terrifying applications of modern artificial intelligence programs to nonprofit work. Mostly as a joke, we decided to see what an image-generating AI would come up with when we gave it basically the same information we gave Matt about the concept for the cover art. The GIF animation you're seeing is a composite of 15 of the best interpretations that the AI came up with. Clearly not ready for primetime! And yet, each attempt captures some truth of what we were going for. The future is here, and it is bizarre. We think you'll agree when you see Matt's work next week that he's in no danger of losing his job to the newest gadget on the market. You can see the AI-generated images separately on our instagram if you want to study them more closely. See if you can guess what we told it! :)



Anand got a new job! 

At the end of September, Anand started a new adventure as the Executive Director at Queer Cultural Center, which promotes social justice and the artistic and financial development of queer art and culture. QCC started in San Francisco in 1993 and is best known for producing the annual National Queer Arts Festival across the Bay Area. WOW! We did not see this one coming, y'all. More to come about what this means for Uncaged Library Arts! But don't worry, we're not going anywhere. :)






Sending you light as the nights get longer, 

Anand, Erica, Adrian, & Jennifer

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