1. All You'll Do

From the recording Octavia of Earth, Vol. 1

1951 - Margaret helps a 4-year-old Octavia ("Junie") get ready for bed.

Music and Lyrics: Anand JK Kalra
Piano: Jaren Feeley
Recording & Mixing: James Earley
Mastering; Piper Payne


I see your eyes light up
with every word we read

The world inside your mind,
the heights you're bound to climb--

What I provide for you
is just a piece of
what I wish I could

The joy you bring
to my life,
to our lives,
sees me through.

All you'll do
depends on you depending on me.
All I do
is love you more with every passing day.
All you do
reveals to me your inner life's potential,
but for now,
you've got to rest your head.

The stars above your head
may have a plan for you:
your destiny.

There's something deep in you
that resonates with truth:

Your gangly limbs confuse
all those people
with their shallow minds.

But while there's light in me,
I'll light the lamp to help you
find your way.

All you'll do
depends on me believing in you.
All I do
is show you how to mend your broken dreams.
All you'll do
is grow to be the best of both of us,
but tonight,
you have to go to bed.