From the recording Octavia of Earth, Vol. 1

1957 - At 10 years old, Octavia ("Junie") stays up late to watch what turns out to be a deeply influential B movie.

Music: T. Carlis Roberts
Lyrics: Anand JK Kalra
Arrangement & Accompaniment: Jaren Feeley
Recording & Mixing: James Earley
Mastering: Piper Payne


What was that? What did I just watch?
This sorry excuse for a movie
might have been applesauce.
The spaceship was flat, the acting the same.
This travesty gives science fiction a terrible name!

I’ll never get back the time,
I’ll never un-hear those lines.
Who does she think she is?
The devil girl from Mars.

Who wrote this junk?
Do they wallow in shame?
Does it take so much imagination,
to go against the grain?
The characters made no sense,
the story was all pretense.
Is this what you get when the
writers are all white men?

I’ll never get back the time,
I’ll never un-hear those lines.
Why do they expect me
to simply acquiesce?
To the devil girl from Mars.

Oh, do they think i'm so dim?
They expect me to swoon
for a shiny black cape
and a sci-fi escape
beyond the moon?

Oh, I can see through their ruse!
And paying attention
Compels me to mention
the emperor has no clothes!

If the powerful men,
in their pedigreed suits,
have the penchant to peddle
such pitiful pursuits,
perhaps I can meddle, myself--
I'll be the queen of them all!

I’ll have my revenge on
The Devil Girl from Mars--

Junie, cut out all that racket! Lord have mercy, you’d think the Russians were invading!

How do I start? Where do I begin?
Starships and horses and planets,
or the downfall of man?
I can take my command, I can study the stars,
I can make up my own set of stories to outlast yours!

I don’t have to bide my time,
I’ll conquer you with my lines.
I can vanquish the likes of twenty-worse kinds of
alien spies and plot the demise of--

Junie, go to bed!

the devil girl from Mars,
the devil girl from Mars.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
The devil girl from