This Saturday: A Very Marianas Equinox + Octavia of Earth screening

It's show week already!!! We've got a gorgeous variety special ready for you, but it looks like you may need to register. Once you've done that, would you be a dear and invite some of your loved ones to share a delightful afternoon of whimsy, waves, and warmth by forwarding them this email? As a special bonus, we made a teaser for the show- simply click the image above to watch the video. :)

THIS WEEKEND! Sat., March 13 - A Very Marianas Equinox 

When life on the surface gets choppy, dive deep! Join us for anothe variety special and Octavia of Earth screening on March 13, where we'll explore those essential questions: are merpeople descended from dolphins or manatees? What rhymes with mollusk? And, most importantly -- what does the Equinox look and feel like when you're deprived of sunlght and seven miles under the sea? 

After the half-hour variety special, we'll screen Octavia of Earth, our documusical inspired by the life of scifi luminary Octavia E. Butler. 😱😍 

As always, our show is free and open to the public, but registration is required to keep our space safe. <3 Why wait? You can register right now. :)

image description: rays of light shine from the surface of the ocean down a gradient of blue towards darkness. Sketch drawings of sea animals (whale, giant squid, and crabs) decorate the landscape. Text reads: 

Sat., Mar. 13, 2021 

4pm PST / 7pm EST 


Uncaged Library Virtual Variety Half-Hour & Octavia of Earth screening

 🌊 Audience Reflections 

Our registration form this month invites you to tell us about your deep-sea fantasy. What's your magical life like at the bottom of the ocean? Or, what questions do you have about oceanic ecosystems and lifeforms? 

Here are some of our favorite responses so far: 

"Would intelligent deep sea life think of the air as being as hostile as outer space is to us?" - Sean M. 

"omg i love this question! <3 i'm a sea turtle gliding through seeking a beautiful coral reefs to habitate for a bit, eating seaweed and making fishy friends :)" - Eri O. 

"I'm honestly afraid of water, but I do think octopi are fascinating." - Michelle D. 

We're excited to explore these questions and more on the ocean floor! 🐢🌊😍

Swimmingly yours,

Anand, Adrian, & Erica 

Uncaged Library Core Team 

P.S. We set a financial goal of raising $1,000 by Saturday. Want to help us get a head start? You can contribute any amount. <3 <3 <3

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