✌🏽 Rewatch A Very Marianas Equinox, next show news, & audience joy

We had so much fun sharing A Very Marianas Equinox and Octavia of Earth on Saturday! If you've got the Monday blues, first of all - hugs! Second of all - read on for some very good news.

Dive back in! 

You can watch all of A Very Marianas Equinox PLUS the live Q&A after we screened Octavia of Earth by clicking on the picture of Patches, or check out a playlist of just the songs! Includes our send-ups of Enya and The Little Mermaid, the cover of Antonio Carlos Jobim's águas de março, plus the gorgeous music of Voices: Lesbian A Cappella for Justice. As a bonus, the playlist also includes the interview with Patches and as the remixes of Octopus's Garden and Kokomo. Help us grow by liking, commenting, and sharing the videos with your friends!


You like us! You really like us! 

Here are a few of our favorite comments from audience members during Saturday's livestream. 

"Plug this into the public school system!" - Dana 

"#relateable" - Alice 

"yayyy uncaged library!! and uncaged librarians liberating!!!" - JD 

Thank you all for bringing your enthusiasm! <3

Next show: Sat., May 1 - The Robots of Pesach

[image description: Moses parts the Red Sea while a Terminator robot glares ominously. Blocky white letters say, "Terminator 10 Commandments: The Robots of Pesach"]

Our next show falls right at the end of Passover, so we thought we'd shake things up and go on an adventure of biblical proportions. What if the Terminator went back in time to intervene in the Exodus from Egypt? Things get complicated when he finds out the archaelogical record tells a very different story from the Torah! OKAY OKAY OKAY APRIL FOOL'S!! This is not the real theme for the May 1 show. But we will be back at it that day for our last show of the 2020-2021 season - you definitely won't want to miss it! You can pre-register right now. :)

Yours with much love,

Anand, Adrian, & Erica 

Uncaged Library Core Team

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