Friends of Uncaged Library

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Hello friends, enemies, and all who dance back and forth!


I am the managing director of the Uncaged Library and the artistic director of our creative wing, Uncaged Librarian Productions. Over the last few years, we've developed a metric ass-ton of high-quality, low-cost videos and music FOR THE PEOPLE. With your support, we researched, drafted, revised, performed, and recorded the world's first documusical biography inspired by the life of sci-fi luminary Octavia E. Butler!!! We've interviewed over a dozen activist women living with HIV and woven their stories together to showcase the strength, skill, and humanity of the leader-members of Positive Women's Network - USA! We've taught more than 50 trans people living with HIV to share their stories without giving away their power AND how to record and edit audio and video! Shall I go on???

With a little more support from our biggest fans & cheerleaders, we can take our shit to the next level! Are you in???