3 days left - The Future of Love - Sat., Feb 13!

3 days away: The Future of Love <3 

Hi Friend, 

We're so looking forward to sharing our hard work with you on Saturday at The Future of Love! There's no mountain high enough, no river wide enough, but one thing…

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Is it safe to come out yet?

Dear Friend, 

You did it! You made it through the first month of 2021! If you're anything like us, the fall of 2020 passed like a kidney stone and left our nervous systems ragged. January packed plenty of fun, too…

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Octavia of Earth, Vol. 1 now available to stream!


Hi Friends!

By now, you know what this email list is all about: Octavia of Earth, the musical inspired by the real life of science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler. We've done live workshops, recorded a studio album, released…

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