Thank goodness for humans 🎭

Good news! The long awaited Octavia of Earth Volume 2 EP is juuuust about ready for release! We've got a few t's to cross and lowercase j's to dot, but we've reached another milestone in this journey: an album cover…

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Seasons of change: hello, goodbye, hello 💞

Well, it's been a minute or two since we last sent an update out about Octavia of Earth. We'll be writing next week with exciting updates about the impending release of the Volume 2 EP featuring Skip the Needle. But…

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Short & Sweet: $664 away & 2021 was so freaking long

Happy new year, Friend! 

We'll keep it short & sweet today - we know every nonprofit, art project, and your cousin's brother-in-law is asking for donations today. Right now, we're $664 away from hitting our end-of-year goal to pay artists

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