3 days left - The Future of Love - Sat., Feb 13!

3 days away: The Future of Love <3 

Hi Friend, 

We're so looking forward to sharing our hard work with you on Saturday at The Future of Love! There's no mountain high enough, no river wide enough, but one thing that could keep us from getting to you is that you may still need to register

We're especially proud of our ability to weave together threads of culture from a wide range of times and places, and this month truly puts that to the test -- can we orchestrate a concert that features 12th century nuns with 21st century flair? We think so, but we'd rather let you be the judge of our success. :) 

After you register, to make sure the show is a good time for everybody, you can: 

  1. Invite your friends to join by mentioning in your regular conversations that you have fun weekend plans - you can send them this link to register: www.UncagedLibrarianMusic.com/shows
  2. Share the news via facebook - join the facebook event and invite your friends that way.
  3. Tweet us @uncagedlibrary to let us know what you hope love looks like in the future. We'll read out some of your tweets during the show! 

And, of course, you can always forward this email to folks like you who have a taste for the eclectic and a passion for justice. 

Yours in love and community, 

Anand, Adrian, Erica, & the behind-the-scenes crew at Uncaged Librarian

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